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In a previous post I discussed how 2011 is a  prime number and also a sum of consecutive prime numbers. 2011 has another curious property that it shares with 2012, and with 2001 and 2002: Reversing the digits of 2011 we get the number 1102 Squaring 1102 gives us the number 1214404. On the other […]

Happy mathematical new year: 2011 is the sum of 11 consecutive prime numbers

Posted by: Gary Ernest Davis on: January 1, 2011

xOn December 31, 2010 @mathematicsprof posted two interesting tweets: @mathematicsprof FINALLY, a prime number year 2011 …. first one since 2003. x @mathematicsprof 2011 is also the sum of 11 CONSECUTIVE prime numbers: 2011=157+163+167+173+179+181+191+193+197+199+211 x Two prime numbers are “consecutive” if they follow one upon the other, in the collection of prime numbers. So, for […]