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Geogebra and statistics

Posted by: Gary Ernest Davis on: April 4, 2013

GeogebraThe Geogebra folks continue to work at developing the capabilities of this lovely open source software. In February this year they added a spreadsheet capability to the software

I have a bunch of fairly naive questions about the use of Geogebra for statistics. Probably the main questions are:

  • Who is using it to teach statistics, and at what levels (elementary school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school ?)
  • Who is using it for data analysis, and in what contexts?
  • What size data sets can Geogebra handle?

If anyone has even partial answers to these questions I’d be glad to hear about them. I’d also like to hear any and all stories of use statistical use of Geogebra, and I’m happy to share those stories here.

I’m aware that Geogebra has a bunch of statistics commands and functions: I’m interested in how people are using Geogebra for statistics.

Thanks for your time,

Gary Davis



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I just found a cache of neat GeoGebra statistics sketches from user timstudiesmath He uses them in his AP Statistics.

I’ve used the stats mostly for data fitting and modeling within algebra. The regression tools are a bit better than what you can do with a calculator, and the spreadsheet is enabled for copying and pasting. The dynamic interaction between spreadsheet data and visualization is the best thing I’ve seen outside of Fathom.

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