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What math teachers should know about memory

Posted by: Gary Ernest Davis on: April 11, 2011

How often do mathematics teachers say about students: “If only they would memorize the information”? In my experience, a lot, and with considerable anguish. What this concern shows, in my experience, is a lack of understanding of human memory systems – an aspect of brain functioning that is critical to education. Rote memorization This is […]

Should students memorize the quadratic formula?

Posted by: Gary Ernest Davis on: November 26, 2010

Recently, Dan Meyer @ddmeyer Tweeted: “@MmeVeilleux Sorry if that’s a letdown. I wouldn’t have a kid memorize the quadratic formula.” x So, the question this raises for me, and that I want to address in this post is: should teachers require students to memorize the quadratic formula? x x x The quadratic formula A quadratic […]