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Posted by: Gary Ernest Davis on: October 6, 2012




(1) First name of Australian Fields medalist.

(5) Name of the mapping y=1-vert 2x-1vert on [0, generic 1]

(8) Ratio of probability of an event to probability of complementary event.

(9) Type of group named after Norwegian mathematician.

(11) The Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics has this (abbrev.)

(12) A morphism that asserts essential sameness.

(13) Sum of diagonal entries of a matrix.

(14) High values of this index mean a cool roof (abbrev.)

(15) Three of a kind.

(17) A set that contains all its limit points.

(20) A name for +.

(22) Not odd.

(23) Greatest value.


(2) Every mathematician has his number.

(3) German professor who solved the two-body scattering problem.

(4) The mapping in (4) across has this property.

(6) A type of morphism.

(7) A multi-dimensional array that sounds not relaxed.

(10) Set of points satisfying a particular condition.

(14) A type of geometry.

(16) Polynomials have these, here though some may be complex.

(18) Complement of a set in (16) across.

(19) Polynomials have one of these.

(21) Archimedes worked at calculating this number.

(22) An iterative optimization algorithm.

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