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Math missed in school – Alfred Posamentier

Posted by: Gary Ernest Davis on: August 5, 2011

Math teachers need “to know more than the text book, look “says Alfred Posamentier, ambulance Professor Emeritus of City College. There are mathematical wonders beyond the curriculum that can make the subject come alive.

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Brilliant. Found you through your twitter feed, and then I found this gem. Greetings from Cowtopia Canada (aka Cowtown, aka Calgary).

I am a science teacher primarily. Were I to be maths teacher (like my wife), and were there enough time in the schedule, I would seek out 40 or so similar “puzzles” or amusements like this (there are two in this video segment that would be great to use, even at middle school) and use the as the themed idea of the week.

As it turns out, I try to incorporate a similar teaching style in my science classes.

Must find MOAR!

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