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The number 3608528850368400786036725

Posted by: Gary Ernest Davis on: February 21, 2015

Ben Vitale (@BenVitale) announced that 3608528850368400786036725 is  a 25 digit number with the property that  each number formed by its first n digits is divisible by n, for n from 1 through 25. How could we find similar numbers, and could there be a larger number than 3608528850368400786036725 with this property? (which we will call the Vitale property) […]

Coffee, Love and Matrix Algebra – a review

Posted by: Gary Ernest Davis on: November 15, 2014

Gary Ernest Davis Publisher:  Republic of Mathematics Publication Date: 2014 Number of Pages:  389 Format:  Paperback ISBN: 9780692262306  x x Reviewed by David A. Huckaby, prostate on 11/12/2014 David A. Huckaby is an associate professor of mathematics at Angelo State University. ____________________________________________________________ Coffee, Love, and Matrix Algebra is a delightful work of fiction that chronicles the […]